common mistakes aspiring entrepreneurs make5 Common Mistakes Aspiring Entrepreneurs Make

One aspect of entrepreneurship that has received little attention is the mistakes that even the most experienced entrepreneurs make. Starting a new business is filled with risks and potential failures, which can be costly if you are unprepared for them.

We at BIATLABS believe it is essential to inform you about the most common mistakes that aspiring entrepreneurs make so that you can avoid them and accelerate your path to success.

1 – Ignoring Your Competitors

Some entrepreneurs are so enthusiastic about their new ideas that they believe they have no direct competition or that they are far ahead of everyone else. Confidence is essential for success, but overconfidence only leads to ruin.

The fact is that having no competitors is incredibly rare. And, unless you came up with a completely new product, there’s a good chance someone else has developed a similar one.

We strongly advise you to study your competitors, no matter how small they are, and investigate options for differentiating your company and doing things better.

2 – Setting Unattainable Goals

New entrepreneurs can make the mistake of thinking that they got their ideas all figured out. They think they don’t need a solid plan, or they set unrealistic or unattainable goals.

The best approach is to set specific, short-term, and long-term goals. A goal like “I will become rich this year” is neither realistic nor specific. “Increase traffic to my website by 20%” is a reasonable goal. All you have to do next is determine the steps you need to attain it.

3- Not Doing Marketing

A common misconception is that if you build a product, people will flock to buy it. Some new entrepreneurs believe that their products are so innovative and one-of-a-kind that they can rely solely on free press and word-of-mouth to raise awareness.

In reality, for your products to see the light of day, you must invest in marketing. This can include anything from SEO to social media marketing to public relations.

You can learn from your competitors’ marketing strategies and how they are directing them.

4 – Doing it All Yourself

When starting, you may think that since it’s your idea, you’re the only one who can do the job. After all, you know your product better than anyone, and you’re the only truly passionate person to make it work.

Doing it all yourself will lead to burnout and can significantly reduce your chances of evolving and ultimately lead to failure. 

Finding a knowledgeable and experienced consultant or mentor can make a world of difference on your road to success. 

5 – Prioritizing Your Product Over People

It is critical to have a customer-first mindset when developing your product and determining your business model. 

However, many new entrepreneurs focus solely on making money that they overlook one of the most important aspects of running a long-term business: having loyal customers.


Being a new entrepreneur is difficult, and mistakes are an unavoidable part of the process. At BIATLABS, the BIAT’s Incubator, we make certain to educate our young entrepreneurs on the do and don’t of creating a startup. 


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