Becoming a Better Team Member

In this day and age, you can’t get anywhere without being a good team player. In the past, creating a service or a product was longer and required a lot more work. Routine was a big part of it. 

For instance, you’d figure out the best way to assemble a car and do that over and over again without innovation.

In the modern era, innovation is the name of the game. You’ll have to brainstorm the initial, big idea then you’ll have to brainstorm ways to bring that concept to the next level and keep up with the changing world. 

And the best way to innovate is with teamwork by exchanging ideas and coming up with creative ways of doing things.

So how do you become a better team member and player? Here are 5 ways: 

Push Others to Participate As Well

We understand that you want to contribute your ideas and solutions as a team member, but groups can be easily dominated by the loudest voices. Members are usually preoccupied with telling and rarely ask questions. 

As a result, some of the more shy individuals are drowned out when they could otherwise contribute significantly to the project. So, to ensure that everyone has spoken up, ask some of the more quiet ones for their opinions.

Share Information With Your Team

One of the mistakes people make when collaborating is assuming that everyone has the same information as them. As a result, solving problems and coming up with ideas becomes more difficult.

Even if it appears obvious, it is best not to take a chance and to share the pieces of information you have with your team members.

Be Systematic and Scientific With Your Approach

There is an efficient method for teamwork that should always be followed. You should first share what you already know about a problem, then analyze it while considering alternatives, and finally, decide.

Even if it doesn’t work the first time, make sure to rinse and repeat systematically. 

Be an Inspiration When Failure Arises

Most people are paralyzed by the prospect of failure, but risk-taking is an essential component of innovation, creativity, and teamwork in general. 

As a better team member, you should strive to motivate your coworkers. Be inquisitive, enthusiastic, and lift your team with humor, openness, and willingness to laugh in the face of failure.

Never Play the Blame Game

There is no good in blaming others and throwing them under the bus. Failure to meet a commitment is unavoidable in any team effort. 

However, as a contributing and positive member, you should be able to find constructive ways to deal with those situations without resorting to blame.


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