Preincubation graduates

BIATLABS, BIAT’s Incubator, aims to help innovators grow their businesses by aligning their business plans with global best practices, allowing them to effectively join the market and scale up their operations. After the preincubation period, 27 young entrepreneurs were chosen to go on a transformative adventure to change the economic landscape.

The mentorship lasted four months and provided these young aspiring entrepreneurs with conceptual modules, hands-on workshops, customized mentoring, and the opportunity to present their startup pitch concepts.

The Goal

In a rapidly changing world, entrepreneurs play a significant role in shaping the future of their nations and the world at large by using knowledge, expertise, and, most importantly, creativity. The creation of value in products and services has become more and more vital in developing a better world. 

BIATLABS strives to turn promising ideas into societal benefits by the cross-pollination of highly skilled mentors, aspiring entrepreneurs, and communities with shared values. As a result, the Pre-incubation and Incubation programs were created to promote and nurture young entrepreneurs to take their ideas to the next level. BIATLABS sees the potential found in our youth and seeks to bring them to the forefront. 

The Process

A daring and uncertain adventure, the founding and growing of a business requires plenty of energy, determination, and resilience. And it’s safe to say that the selected 27 entrepreneurs had plenty of each to give and more.

BIATLABS worked with these entrepreneurs to sharpen their value propositions, define their target audience, get feedback on their product/technology, and create and achieve milestones to bring their startups to the market.

Throughout the process, they learned the methodology of entrepreneurship and the importance of teamwork. 

And let’s not forget about how they connected with each other and their mentors on a deep level. It allowed them to produce an experience that transcended the professional and created a close-knit community full of passionate and enthusiastic individuals. 

The Future

What’s to come is largely unknown, but whatever it might be, these entrepreneurs are well-equipped to handle it. And BIATLABS will stop at nothing to help them build their future and bring their ideas to fruition.