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Pre-incubation in a nutshell

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to acquire an ENTREPRENEURIAL POSTURE, allowing them to carry a VIABLE IDEA with a VALUE PROPOSITION in order to advance in their entrepreneurial path.

Ideas per cohort
Pre-incubation weeks
hours of coaching
Hours of Guidance
Technical modules
Experts & mentors to meet
Le Pari

Adequacy (Entrepreneur, Idea)

The entrepreneur

Accompany the person and the team that carries the idea, in order to acquire leadership skills ,to be able to dream a project, and to carry it through to the end.

The Idea

A VIABLE IDEA with a VALUE PROPOSITION covering the definition of the PROBLEM to be addressed, the target audience (customers) and the action plan.

Trois mois de pré-incubation
3 months

Joining the cohort

Who applies to the program?

Student entrepreneurs
Novice entrepreneurs
Serial entrepreneurs (already established
Employees in the private or public sector (self and intrapreneurs )
Minors with a good idea
Any individual (project leader) can participate regardless of their nationality, with no restrictions or age requirements.
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Who is eligible for the pre-incubation?

All those with an innovative ideaApplications open to all sectors with particular attention to areas that have direct positive economic andsocial benefits, generate growth and value in tunisia. A team composed of at least one entrepreneur dedicated to the project
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Selection criteria

Impact in Tunisia
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We answer

Pre-incubation FAQs

We have collected the answers to your most relevant questions:

1- I am a sole founder and I don't have a team, can I apply?
Team dynamics are an essential part of the selection process.
At least one member of the team must be dedicated to the project: attendance is mandatory during training sessions. Additionally, motivation and commitment during cohorts are essential.
Once selected, the idea holder will have to complete their team with co-founders who will accompany them
2- Does the program accept project ideas that are not necessarily technological?
Applications open to all sectors with particular attention to areas that have direct positive economic and social benefits, generate growth and value in Tunisia.
3- we only have a project idea, our project is not mature enough Can we apply?
You can apply in the pre-incubation program.
If your idea is clearly defined, you can apply to the incubation program.
4- Our team has two ideas. Can we submit two applications?
It is preferable to submit one single idea per program. Choose the one that you think is the most promising and that best meets the program's eligibility criteria.
5- Can we apply if we are located outside of Tunisia?
No, you are required to be on site in Tunis during the months of the incubation or pre-incubation program.
6- Do we have to speak French or English to be able to participate in the program?
Training will be provided by Tunisian experts in French.
To better benefit from the program it is preferable that you, at least, speak English . It is possible that coaches, mentors or speakers may use English.
7- Is my age a disqualifying factor in your selection process?
There are no age restrictions.
However, parental permission will be required for minors selected.
8-Will my application information be shared or made public?
No. We treat your application data as confidential information that we do not disclose.
9- Is there an application fee?
No. BIATLABS is a non-profit incubator that offers services to entrepreneurs free of charge and without equity.